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Playing with Tara v0.1 - Infusing LLMs and GenAI

A before-after comparison of Tara V0.1 nodes.
One of my first major open source releases, a ComfyUI workflow node, that lets you integrate LLMs and build complex workflows with ease. Unlocking Automation and AI for everyone.

Back to SQL: Unpacking My Database Dilemma

Sun and sea waves
This post chronicles my journey from the allure of NoSQL to the rediscovery of SQL's strengths. While NoSQL offered flexibility, it came at the cost of schema chaos and eventual consistency woes. Re embracing SQL, with its focus on schema design and transactional integrity, brought back structure, reliability, and the power of JOINs (yes, even the 100-line ones!). Today, I navigate a balanced world where SQL reigns for core data and NoSQL tackles the unstructured, a testament to the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Beginner's Blueprint: Navigating the World of Programming Languages in 2024

Are you the confused rabbit looking for the perfect programming lagnuage
Embarking on a software development path can be overwhelming with the myriad of programming languages available. This beginner's guide demystifies the process, emphasizing the importance of making an informed but not overly cautious choice. Discover the one-way vs. two-way door decision-making framework, a concept that encourages experimentation and learning through doing. Learn why Python, with its simplicity, strong typing, and clear syntax, is recommended as the starting point—even for aspiring web developers. Beyond languages, understand the critical role of problem-solving skills, with practical advice on how to develop these through engaging projects like game development. This guide not only aims to help you select your first programming language but also to foster a mindset of curiosity and resilience in the world of software development.

Why I Bid Farewell to Express and Embraced FastAPI

an image containing a datacenter and a frustrated cat dealing with all the bytes in
Discover the flaws in CAP and embrace PACELC, a more robust framework for distributed systems. Learn how PACELC better handles partition failures and latency, crucial for modern computing.

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